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    I should have called this video 'Couch Watermelons!' This is Hana's first video on CKE18, so please give her and her two melon size boobs a round of applause. As you know, most of the Japanese girls we do chakuero shooting with are tiny petite things, but every now and then we feature voluptuous bombshells. Your hands are going to be full with Hana, and we're not talking about her keeping you busy with her talkative personality. Don't let her breasts take too much of your attention though; she doesn't want to be reduced to a pillow. A girl like Hana deserves more attention than that, so let her lie down on the couch and give her backside a massage. The weight of those boobs must be taxing, plus it will give you chance to work your hands down to her amazing booty which should not be neglected! Are you a boobs fan and if so, what size do you like?! Tell us in the comments!