CKE18 - Booty Ball Bananza

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    Japanese school girls doing sports is a pretty big fetish in Japan and we love shooting workout videos because it's perfect for chakuero. We can get the girl into many poses but she can have the excuse that she's just stretching or exercising ww. Recently we've been catching a lot of hot shots when we shoot sports videos and Haruka was no exception! The whole team thought she was a modest and shy girl when we first met, but that all changed when started to shoot. I don't get surprised often, but I was really surprised by her. Was she so hentai because we were behind closed doors; because it was her deep fantasy to be a bad girl for the camera; because the tiny bikinis were making her body excited? What do you think? Whatever the reason, her booty hole creases looked happy to see us as she grinded her little pussy mound on our sports ball. It was totally hot!