CKE18 - Highlights

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    I put this video together for all you Ageha lovers out there. If she's your favorite girl, then I hope you enjoy this 'highlights' reel. For me personally, this sporty girl brings something to CKE18 that will always be unmatched. It's not just that she's famous for doing rope art shows in Tokyo, or that she has a super tight body. No, Ageha is special because she has an aura about her that is so mysterious. The way she looks in the camera, opens her mouth slightly, and tilts her head back, is so incredibly sexual yet it's so subtle. With so many hentai things happening around Ageha, both during shooting and outside the studio, this Japanese girl must have so many secrets. Maybe it's just me, but I'm extremely attracted to girls like this! If you feel the same way, be sure to leave a comment below' and write Ageha a message too. Next time we see her, we'll make sure she hears what you had to say. She loves getting feedback, and so do we, so thanks for watching!