CKE18 - Riding Demonstration

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    Tsubasa looks cute in her grey cotton sleepwear.' It's been a comfy pajama weekend and lucky for you, she's invited you over to 'watch Hulu.'' Of course we all know where that might lead to, but before you arrive Tsubasa needs to get ready!' She's cleaned her room, taken a shower, and even fought the rain to do some sweets shopping.' As you ride the train to her stop, she sends you a text message on Line.' 'My friend is coming, bring camera!'' Your heart is racing wondering the meaning, but you take a minute to reply in an attempt to keep your cool' 'What's HER name?'' Tsubasa has many cute friends, so you're excited but nervous.' It IS a girl right?' You exit the train, walk a few blocks to her place, but still no reply.' Is she playing a cruel joke on you?' Did she invite another guy over?' Should you enter her building or walk away and make up a story why you couldn't make it?' Right as the tension starts to boil over she replies' 'It's GUY!'' There's a photo attached and you frantically tap it to download.' Racking your brain to come up with a reply, the picture feels like it's taking for ever.' FINALLY it loads and you realize Tsubasa WAS playing a joke, but it's a nice one actually.' She's hugging a giant bear and you're about to get a little hentai demonstration of what she's really up to tonight.' Laughing as you buzz her apartment, you're relieved and excited.' It's going to be a good night!' It's been a while but do you remember the last time a girl played a sweet joke on you?' Share it in the comments below!