CKE18 - Eggs Over Teasy

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    Nozomi isn't the most innocent girl. You can see the hentai fire in her big beautiful eyes. Still, when I asked if she liked eggs, she had no idea that I was egging her on (harharhar). Thinking about it, this might actually be the first video I shot using a real egg. Usually the way it works is we come up with ideas randomly during every day life around Tokyo. This time, it was late at night. I was shopping for next morning's breakfast and trying to decide which eggs to get. A girl with a killer booty walked by and she looked a lot like Nozomi. Her pants were so tight and the wide gap between her legs formed a perfect camel toe. I had to bite down on my hand to stop from diving towards her. That's when I started thinking how great it would be to spin an egg around between Nozomi's slippery lips. I also started imagine eating the egg afterwords' and that's exactly what I did. Would you have done the same?