CKE18 - What's That Licking?!

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    If you've never lived in Japan or another Asian country, you might not be familiar with 'fish sausage.' It sounds strange but actually it's very tasty if you can get past the texture. It's super popular AND super suggestive, so the CKE18 office refrigerator is stacked full of these things for both snack time and play time. Most Japanese girls love eating fish sausage so when we ask them if they like it, their first thought is pretty innocent. When we asked Uri, she had no idea she'd end up in the shower room, wearing a tiny bikini, and making a sausage video! It's always fun to see the look on their face once they realize what's going on. Fish sausage makes a great challenge especially for amateur girls who don't have a lot of licking and sucking experience! Do you think Uri did a good 'job'?