CKE18 - Wet, Wild One-Piece

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    When we asked Yayoi if she was okay to wear a one-piece, she probably didn't imagine how incredibly crazy this ultra thin swimsuit would be. Embarrassed but doing her best, petite and short Yayoi climbed on to the bed and turned around a few times on all fours for some lighting tests. As the tight material crept deeper between her cheeks, it formed a bridge across a perfectly shaped indention leading down to her booty hole. Mouth watering. She felt a bit naked, but when the director started spraying her with water, she finally realized there was no use trying to hide! Yayoi had brought some fun pens as gifts from her recent trip to the Tokoy Skytree and with her permission we saved one for a CKE18 project. Be on the lookout for that prize and let us know in the comments below if you enjoyed her video!