CKE18 - Behind Hotel Curtains

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    Taking a tropical trip with Miyu was a lot of fun.' Not just because she's an incredibly hentai Japanese girl who flirts innocently with the crew, but also because we could carry out every hotel fantasy we ever imagined with a girl who was willing to fulfill our wishes on video.' Before we even had the cameras ready, Miyu was already getting excited from this outfit.' She was 'adjusting' her top, but to us it looked more like she was playing with her breasts.' As she sat down on the chair and spread her legs, we had to wonder if she was reenacting a real life scene she had carried out before.' Her every move pulled us closer and closer.' As sweat ran down our foreheads, we did everything we could to keep up with her wild teasing.' When the video was over, the Director took a gulp of cold ice water from the room's refrigerator and asked Miyu directly 'What on earth were you thinking about?!'' Miyu's reply?' She was imagining the maid service girl.' As a crew, we pride ourselves in our abilities to spot a cute girl in a crowd, but Miyu had outdone us all because none of us knew who she was talking about.' At that point though we couldn't continue without satisfying our curiosity, so the Director called room service and asked for an towel.' Miyu had on a bathrobe when she answered the door, but she was so right!' The maid girl was so cute!' Doing chakuero shooting is a fantasy come true, but even when that's what we do every day, not all of our fantasies can come true.' We would have loved to see Miyu make out with the maid girl, but it didn't happen TT.' At least not this time!' Have you ever flirted with room service?