CKE18 - Jealous Dream Date

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    Don't get us wrong, shooting Japanese girls for a living is totally awesome, but it's definitely frustrating not having all the perks that the director enjoys. Of course he has to deal with a lot of business stuff that we never have to worry about so in the end maybe just shooting is better. Still, when the director went out with Rimi for a 'simulated and stimulated' date, we were super jealous. He didn't even tell us the plan, we found out because the editor had a question about this video that we didn't even know existed! It's got to be pretty cool when you can buy a girl ice cream and buzz her little pussy lips on a ferris wheel and call that work! And of course with the power of 'record and pause' at his hentai fingertips, we an only imagine what happened that didn't get recorded! Everyone knows Rimi is a cute and frisky Japanese girl. Anyway, sorry if this post sounds so jealous, but shooting Japanese girls all day without touching them is almost torture, especially when we end up seeing a secret video like this! Do you have any advice?