CKE18 - Silk Panty Massage

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    I don't know what's so attractive about the types of materials that panties are made out of, but it's definitely a strong part of the whole panty fetish thing for me. Cotton panties are great, but I've also always loved silk panties. The way it feels to run your hand over a Japanese girl's already perfectly soft skin is a seriously exciting rush. I never realized it until recently though that girls love it too. Baby Minami chan let me in on the apparent closely guarded secret when she blushed that she didn't know how long she could play with the massage wand because those silky panties were going to make it feel so much more sensitive. She said a lot of girls wear tight silk panties because it turns them on easily, and they can turn themselves on so easily with their finger without making it dirty between their legs. By the time Minami was done confessing, I felt like a total n00b. Did you know girls like silk panties so much? If you had a related experience, tell us about it in the comments!