CKE18 - Schoolgirl Troublemaker

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    Some girls are smart but not the most attractive. Other girls are the most attractive but not so smart! Elly is BOTH! She has the brains to be top of her class and has the looks to drive you wild. Put those two things together and you have one of the most dangerous girls in the school! If Elly wants something, no one can stop her. You might think the way she pulls her cotton panties between her legs is a trap to have you under her control, but what you didn't realize is you were already hypnotized the moment she laid her galaxy deep eyes on you. Is there any hope in getting away from this lovely alluring vixen? Would you even want to get away? Maybe being under her spell is exactly what you need even if it comes with a price! Of course lucky for us, Elly is too sweet to use that power! Or is she?!