CKE18 - Caught in a Trap!

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    Great job tricking Minami in to coming over to your house! I bet she thought she was going to get you on her side. It was only a matter of time before we caught her! Just because she is the leader of the school's Girls Club, doesn't mean she can have her way with everyone in the school, not if we have anything to do with it! At some point enough is enough! Thanks for standing up to her and working with me to put an end to her bad behavior. Now that we have her exactly where we want her, let's make sure she spills the names of everyone who's been doing her dirty bidding! They will be dealt with later, one by one, and hopefully they're all girls www. Minami does have a really attractive body though even being tied up with a gag in her mouth doesn't she? Maybe we need to do a little more than just get her to talk' maybe we need to teach her a lesson so she'll back off at school! We have to be careful though because she's sneaky. If we let her think she's pleasing us, none of this will work. Let's leave her tied up while we tickle her body. What else should we do while we have her in our trap?!