CKE18 - Tiny Bubble Bath

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    There comes a point during any bubble bath where a problem starts to exist. Once huge and fluffy bubbles start to break down, until they are much much smaller, and somewhere between big bubbles and no bubbles sits (you guessed it) the chakuero zone! Like a scary episode of The Twilight Zone, some Japanese girls who do shooting for the first time become so nervous and worried. This was the smallest bikini she ever wore! Will her sexy parts show through the thin fabric? Will something have popped out without her realizing it, only to be revealed when the bubbles go away? Crazy thoughts run through their minds while they try their best to look cool and confident. So how do you think Misuzu played along? Could you see any panic in her eyes or was she totally into it? Of course no matter what we guess, we will never know, and that tease element is what makes shooting chakuero idols the best!