CKE18 - Lady in Red

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    I was in Karaoke once with some British lads once and I innocently decided to sing 'Lady in Red' by Chris De Burgh. Even before I started singing, my pint drinking pals were begging me to stop! I had no idea but apparently this is one of the most hated 80's songs in the UK for being annoying. Am I wrong to think it's a great classic?! Is it really a cheesy wedding song? One thing is for sure, the 'R' in 'red' makes it a very challenging song for Japanese. After that night I promised my friends I would make it up to them with shooting sexy Japanese girls wearing red. If I remember correctly, the first girl to wear this dress was Ryouko. Now it's Rina's turn to be your lady. And yes, for the record you can see her bead thong through the dress. Delicious looking isn't it?!