CKE18 - Milky Cat Bath

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    Japanese tying artist Ageha is hard-working and dedicated when it comes to keeping her body in the ultimate shape. Her favorite thing is to visually please onlookers. This time though, she's bought an accessory to grab your attention that otherwise might be on her toned figure. It's a neon green string bikini, the smallest one she could find and her challenge is to tease you with the outfit over her body. Can she pull it off? Her theory' 'clothing' should accentuate the body, not cover it up! Watch her sexy moves and follow her into a milky bath like a wild cat looking for a meal. Ageha's personality is more steamy than the water, so prepare to sweat! Most Japanese girls at CKE18 are cute and cuddly, but Ageha is a different kind of animal. Would you be able to keep up with her?