CKE18 - Volleyball Distraction

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    Normally it would be annoying to have someone interrupt a volleyball game by strolling onto the court, but who would ever complain about a cool girl like Masako chan? If I had done this to a group of guys, it would have turned into a game of dodge ball. Oh the power of Japanese girls! They are almost as irresistible as the 'One Ring' from The Lord of the Rings. Alllllmost lol. Masako had our attention from the moment she walked out. Was the wind going to lift her skirt or would she do it herself? For a few flashy moments, she was such a tease and we could tell she was getting turned on from being out in the open. It was just enough to make us want more and as she strutted off, we could only wonder what she would do next! Have you ever had been distracted by a hottie while playing sports?