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    Saito our customer support guru recently told me a CKE18 member wanted to know where he could get the gel we use in our videos. Since today is a very sticky update, I thought this was the perfect timing to answer! There's a company in Tokyo that pays girls to squirt their love juice into used water bottles. After that they take it through a purification process and then they dehydrate the liquid which turns it into a thick final product. Oh, and they only let cute Japanese girls participate. It's sort of like donating semen. Don't believe me? That's probably a good thing wwww. Of course that's a total joke. The real answer isn't very interesting though. You can buy this stuff at every DVD, sex toy, or cosplay shop in Japan. It's wildly popular, even for non chakuero girls. If you've never tried gel before, the most important thing to learn is that it comes in several thicknesses. They have everything from thin to super crazy sticky. In this video with Kotone we use the medium type. The stickiest type is worse than honey and washing it off and cleaning it up takes FOREVER! That doesn't stop us from using it sometimes though ^O^. Next time you try the gel make sure to let us know how it turns out. It will be an experience she'll never forget!